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all that glitters31/12/2012

I so fail at this “new-post-coming-soon” thing, every time. I had big plans for the blog at the end of the year (at least two more updates) but real life got in the way. As you probably already know, I’m all about quality over quantity here, so this will be the last 2012 post. Since […]

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more leather + hardware22/12/2012

Well well well, if it isn’t yet another leather piece. To be honest, after the previous head-to-toe leather outfit, I wouldn’t expect any less from myself either. I once said I wouldn’t buy any clothing items until I empty at least half of my existing wardrobe first. And look at me now! Splurging like there’s […]

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ldr pls19/12/2012

Ladies and gents (mostly ladies I presume, but there’s no room for discrimination on my blog nonetheless!), you can all relax for this is the last one in the so-called Push It magazine outfit series! That’s right, time to whip out the camera and start shooting fresh photos again (these were getting kind of mouldy, […]