I was hesitant to change the logo once again because I wanted to come up with something that would be a little more personal than the ones I had before. And then it just dawned on me – what’s more personal than my own handwriting? So I just wrote my blog name on a piece of paper, scanned it, played a bit in Photoshop and voila! I’m not gonna lie, I did practice. It took me half an hour to get the writing to look the way I wanted it to but I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome. I’m sure there will be some adjustments or changes in the future but this is it for now. Thoughts?

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Nada_je_uvek_ljubicaste_boje 10.04.2012 - 6:10 PM

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Odlicno izgleda,a i ti lepo izgledas…nekako starije i jednostavnije….elegantna lepota,tako bih to nazvala..:)

Anonymous 12.04.2012 - 11:59 PM

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Ti zaista lepo pises, a i boja kose ti je divna :)
Kada ces izbaciti slike uradjene “smena” aparatom?

Jamie E. Anthony 13.04.2012 - 4:56 AM

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i haven’t figured out how to do a custom header yet, but i love your idea!!!! it is quite personal!


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