DIY neon shoes03.06.2012

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A quick and easy way to DIY neon shoes! I have been lusting over yellow neon shoes for a while now but I couldn’t seem to find a pair I like in stores. So I thought it was time to get crafty. Shoes were originally gray so I first covered them in white acrylic paint then let dry for an hour. As for neon spray, it’s best if applied in thin layers so it won’t drip. When satisfied, put the shoes in a well ventilated area and let dry overnight. I did a bracelet as well, I’ll show it in some of the future posts.

PS. The more layers of paint you’ve got on your shoes the more it will crack when you walk. If you’d like to avoid that, apply only one or two thin coats of paint. If you would like just parts of your shoes neon, check out this nifty Vanity Fair tutorial with step-by-step pictures!

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Elena Oltra Calatayud 31.07.2012 - 5:06 PM

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Valentina Novo 09.05.2013 - 2:28 PM

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Love how you transform your accessories!!

Anonymous 18.05.2013 - 8:17 PM

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Super ideja, mnogo mi se dopada zaista…Htjela bih da pitam koji sprej bih mogla kupiti da prefarbam cipelice u zlatnu boju,postoji li neki svjetlucavi sprej sa zlatnom nijansom, jer mi trebaju za maturalnu zabavu?hvala

moiminnie 19.05.2013 - 2:13 PM

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Ja obicno koristim sprejeve iz farbare, uglavnom su na bazi akrila. Verujem da imaju i zlatni i srebrni, samo pitaj :)


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