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A lot of people have asked me numerous times about my makeup essentials. What foundation I use, which mascara is the best, what’s my fave make-up brand, do I use eyebrow pencil etc, so I decided to make a post the makeup essentials products I use on day to day basis. Let’s start!

1. Concealer// This is by far the number one cosmetic product in my book. I always have it on me; perfect for hiding under-eye circles, uneven skin tone, blemishes, redness, imperfections, anything! I’ve been using Avon’s Color Trend Perfect and Hide concealer in Light for few years now and I honestly can’t live without it! If you’re struggling with finding the perfect concealer you might want to try this one out. It’s fairly cheap and really gets the job done.


giordani gold foundation, makeup essentials

2. Foundation// I never use just one liquid foundation. I like to mix at least two shades, usually one very light and the other medium to dark ; that way I can make my own shade and never worry about whether it’s too light or too dark for my skin tone. Right now I use Oriflame’s Giordani Gold foundations, but I think I’ll switch to one of those light shimmery tinted moisturizers for the summer.


oriflame air soft loose powder, makeup essentials

3. Loose powder// Keeping your skin matte and avoiding excess shine can be very hard if you have oily skin, especially during the summer. I like to use Air Soft Powder by Oriflame, as the name suggests it’s really soft and doesn’t feel heavy on your face. Plus it lasts a few hours without touch up, I highly recommend it!


makeup essentials, powder blush

4. Blush/ Bronzer// I love having a bit of definition to my face and I always use blush. My default shades are pink and peachy ones, but in the summer I lean towards the golden, bronze ones. These above are no brand blushes, I got them from a local drugstore, but you can find similar shades anywhere.


makeup essentials, labello chapstick
makeup essentials, nude lipstick

5. Lips// As much as I love bold lipstick, I don’t wear it too often. It’s a bit demanding meaning you have to re-apply it every hour or so, so I keep it for special occasions and days I really really want to wear it. For everyday lip care, any kind of lip balm is mandatory! My favorite is Classic Care chapstick by Labello, it has a subtle vanilla scent/taste and keeps your lips hydrated throughout the day. As for the tint, I like nude shades for my everyday look. My mom got me these two lipsticks from Oriflame, one in Frosted Champagne and the other in Baby Beige. Unfortunately, she got them a year ago I think and they don’t sell them anymore. The third one is a ‘pink-going-on-purple’ shade and is by Golden Rose. I also like to put a bit of foundation or concealer on my lips before applying the lipstick and most of the times I’ll just wear that.


makeup essentials, miss sporty mascara
makeup essentials, black eyeshadow

6. Eyes/Brows// I’m really into red/burgundy eye shadows at the moment. The one pictured above I’ve had for two years now and it was a gift. I use it as a blush sometimes as well, my philosophy is: if it’s made for the eyes, it’s good enough for the rest of the face! My double agent is that white shadow too, I use it in the inner corner of my eyes but also as a highlighter. The third shade I like the most is matte jet black eyeshadow. I rarely use it for the entire lid, but I like to set the liquid eyeliner with it, lasts much much longer! Speaking of eyeliner, I always buy liquid ones. My default color is black and I usually do the winged look. Any brand is good, just pick the one that has a slim wand. I also like pencil eyeliners and the one I’m currently using the most is actually a lip liner by Aura, no. 34 (burgundy shade). The reason behind this is that I couldn’t find a reddish eyeliner, plus lip liners are much more long lasting and resistant to smudging than the eyeliners because their original purpose is to make the lip gloss or lipstick stay in place.
Currently I’m using Fabulous Lash Miss Sporty mascara and I’m quite pleased with it. When you’re buying mascara, keep in mind that all of them are pretty much made of the same ingredients. The wand is the thing that makes the difference and in my experience, the rule is: the bigger and thicker – the better! This one even has a curved one in shape of the eye so it’s really easy to apply! I usually do two to four coats, depending on how big I want my lashes to be.
I really like having defined eyebrows so one of my eye makeup essentials is a brow pencil. My eyebrows are pretty dark to begin with, but I always use a lighter shade because of my blonde hair. The one I’m currently using is by Golden Rose, no. 103 and it’s the lightest one.
I hope I helped and inspired some of you to find your makeup essentials. What are your favorites? What do you use in the summer or on daily basis? Let me know in the comments!


Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid to advertise any of the brands mentioned in the text above, these are all products I use regularly. I’m not responsible if these don’t work out for you, I’m only stating my personal opinion based on my use of these products.

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Teodora 28/06/2012 - 7:22 PM


Odličan post :)!

hiPop 28/06/2012 - 11:01 PM


drago mi je da vidim da neko ne koristi preskupe fensi preparate, jer se moze dobro izgledati i za manje novca :)

volim te sa crnim ruzem <3

Leeloo 06/05/2013 - 5:47 PM


Ne znam ni sama kako sam nabasala na ovaj tvoj post, ali mi se osmjeh razvukao na baby beige nijansu oriflameovog ruža jer je to jedini koji koristim valjda otkad znam za sebe :D I nikad prežaljen…!

moiminnie 06/05/2013 - 7:47 PM


@Leeloo: Odlican je i gledam da ga sto redje koristim da ga ne bih istrosila! :)

nandhini 16/12/2015 - 12:08 PM


i would like to purchase oriflame loose powder. Kindly suggest me on this

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