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I hope you don’t feel misguided by the title of this post. I flew back home yesterday and haven’t had much time for writing. I wanted to show you things I bought on my trip but because my suitcase is still unpacked, I decided to share something really interesting. When out of the country, people tend to become their cameras and photograph everything and anything no matter whether it has a certain value or not. The same goes for souvenirs. I never had that tourist mentality and never felt the urge to buy something labeled by the name of that country/city just to be able to show off that I’ve been there after I get back. Whenever I go somewhere I stray away from well known tourist places. Sure it’s was nice seeing The Red Light District or Noordeinde Palace, but I always wonder what is more to this place that hasn’t been much exploited but may be interesting to me. That’s why I liked exploring the narrow streets, vintage stores and little cafés so much. Usually those are the places where you can learn the most about the underground and urban culture of the city you’re visiting.

I picked the two cards on the photo above from the stand in Cafe Stevens in Amsterdam. Those stands usually contain flyers and catalogues for upcoming events in the city. I like the designs and I’m sure I’ll use them in some of my collages. Subbacultcha is a Dutch independent magazine that writes mostly about music events, photography and fashion. There are contributors from all over the country (maybe world?) so you can see a lot of styles and interesting content! NL 70 is your guide through Den Haag, anything from local festivals to street style can be found here. I’m a bit sad I haven’t had the opportunity to snag a copy of Glam Cult, but there’s always the online version.

These are the souvenirs that I care about and always love to take home with me. Independent publications are always the most interesting ones because they don’t conform to one target group and have minimal advertising pages or mostly none at all. And after you’ve read them you can always store them in your memory box, hang on walls or use to make art!

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Sophia// 18.07.2012 - 8:57 PM

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I feel the same way about visiting a new place. It is far more interesting to just wander around the back streets and find the ‘real’ city or town life.
I’m planning to visit Amsterdam in a month or would be awesome if you could share some of the cool vintage shops and cafes you found, or general areas to head to! Thanks:)

moiminnie 18.07.2012 - 9:26 PM

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Hi! I’ve only managed to get to Zipper store in Amsterdam because of their early closing hours (shops are opened only till 4pm or 5pm, keep that in mind) except on Thursday when it’s shopping night and they don’t close until 9pm. I’ve looked it up and found THIS site that may be helpful as well!
If you can, be sure to visit The Hague too, there’s this chain of vintage/second hand stores called Kringloop, where you can find anything from clothes to books to lamps! As far as coffee shops they’re are everywhere, every alley or square has at least two! Have a good time, I’m sure you’ll love it, it’s truly beautiful! x

Sophia// 18.07.2012 - 11:32 PM

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Thank you so much! That all sounds great and the site looks really helpful! I can’t wait to go now:)

moiminnie 19.07.2012 - 1:01 PM

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you’re welcome, have fun! :)


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