blue + rose10.10.2012

rose gold rings, hardware rings
rose gold rings, hardware rings

Apologies for not updating for more than a week; finishing off some projects really took a toll on the blog. This will be just an update on my new ins. Don’t know exactly how but we went from 30-something degrees Celsius to twenty less in no time here in Belgrade. I have been in such weird state of mind these couple of days. It’s cold, it’s gray, it’s raining – it’s killing me. I don’t like the word October and I don’t like what it’s dragging along. Still, looking on the bright side, I try to make myself believe I’m waking up in London or Amsterdam every morning (every afternoon, to be precise). And it works to a certain point, makes me less depressed.

Another thing that helps me get through is clothing & co. Rearranging my closet, getting rid of “don’t-wear-don’t-want-anymore” items and clearing out space. I’m not the type of gal that has to go shopping every time new season comes around. In fact, I never ever go shopping. Instead of hunting those down, I like to let my clothes find me. That way, I make sure I won’t buy something I don’t really need and the chance of changing my mind about the item is minimal. That’s exactly how I found this crop sweater. My mom actually spotted it on top of the pile of all kinds of sweaters. I tried it on and it fit perfectly. Deep blue color + crop + semi-turtleneck, so right for the season ahead. As for the rings*, I actually wanted them in silver, but the only ones they had in store are yellow and rose gold. Went with the latter this time since I already bought a yellow gold hardware ring a while ago. And now that I see the two objects side by side on the images above, I’m starting to get some serious outfit inspo vibes.

* hope that everyone’s aware of the fact that those are not actually rings, but pipe connectors or something that has to do with plumbing or stuff.


deep blue crop sweater – snagged at a local fare
rose gold ‘rings‘ – hardware store

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s 10.10.2012 - 3:05 PM

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i love that sweater. It’s so gorg xO!

Ilona de Vries 10.10.2012 - 5:23 PM

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Beautiful pictures! love the feeling I get from it.

Rachel Pheasant 10.10.2012 - 7:21 PM

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I really enjoy the clean layout of your blog and your overall aesthetic. I like how the rose-gold rings look–are they really long? I feel like they might hit the knuckle–do they? Also I noticed on a previous post that you like article-driven content. If you are interested that is the main force of my blog: I could never pull off the beautiful photos you take!

Jovana 10.10.2012 - 8:32 PM

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Odlican je dzemperak, a i prstenje mi se svidja! :)

hiPop 10.10.2012 - 8:37 PM

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jedva cekam da vidim tvoju kolekciju :)

i sama sam bila u gvozdjari, kupila sam jedno pola kile blaga…najbolji je bio pogled prodavca kada sam pocela da isprobavam zavrtnje…sa osmehom br. 7 objasnila sam mu da mi trebaju kao nakit a on mi odgovara: ‘Imao sam i gore od tebe’ :)

moiminnie 10.10.2012 - 9:10 PM

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da, i ja sam dobijala takve poglede od prodavacice :) ona se nije mesala, ali je bila jako zbunjena!

peek-a-boo 10.10.2012 - 9:26 PM

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oh is colder in London and more rain dont care. Even some good ideas came up from all this raining non stop. love what u say i never ever go shopping me to. i know what i want flipping magazines checking window displays or the best inspiration is fashion ads or some cool blogs i knew i wanted some prada shoes and 5years later i have them thats the best shoping love ur posts

Chantelle 11.10.2012 - 4:06 AM

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I totally adore the rose gold rings. You’re right, they go quite swell with the blue of your crop top sweater. I too am like you: I only buy things I love, not necessarily items off a shopping list. If I really need something then I’ll hunt it down until I find the right style for me. [Aka coats and boots for winter, etc]

Victoria | Haute 12.10.2012 - 2:33 AM

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“let my clothes find me” – i love it!! :)

Jelena Dimić 12.10.2012 - 7:24 PM

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Prstenje je tako hardcore – mnogo mi se dopada. *.*
A džemperčić je savršen. :)

Vienna Wedekind 12.10.2012 - 7:40 PM

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I bought some harwarestore-rings too. such a good purchase!

Heartbeats //Vienna Wedekind//

Marija.R.P. 13.10.2012 - 2:09 PM

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Uhh, i mene ovo vreme ubija!
Iskreno se nadam što skorijoj zimi,
kada bar znam na čemu sam kada izađem napolje!:)
Ovo prstenje je baš dobro,
ništa slično nisam videla do sada!

Aleksandra 13.10.2012 - 8:32 PM

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I’ve wanted to buy them for a long time but can’t find any here :(

Julia 15.10.2012 - 10:57 AM

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beautiful colours.. :)

Kaeli 18.10.2012 - 6:31 AM

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I love your minimalist blog design. And I feel the same way about letting clothes find you, but you said it much better than I could.

The Broadcloth

Laura 18.10.2012 - 6:09 PM

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