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It’s the end of December but I still can’t part ways with my all time favorite shoes – mom’s oxfords. I’m being pretty creative with how I wear them; adding thick woolen socks can solve that “my toes are freezing” problem and it looks stylish too. In other news, I flew to Amsterdam the other […]

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silver clouds25.12.2013

Silver nails, silver accessories. Getting really festive for this holiday season! Last year’s coppery eye make-up made way for a new shiny obsession. With this much metallic going on, if Andy Warhol was still around, I am positive he would invite me to hang around The Factory with Edie, Bridget and Ondine. If we were […]

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Channeling Mary-Kate with this one and trying to achieve her perfect balance between messy and put-together. Messy portion of the outfit would be the hair (obviously), oversized beige knit and loafers worn as mules. To avoid looking like a true homeless person and add a bit of seriousness to the whole thing, I opted for […]