side swept25.03.2013

side swept hairstyles, minimal hairstyle, moiminnie, milica obradovic, minimal style fashion, minimal fashion blog
side swept hairstyles, minimal hairstyle, moiminnie, milica obradovic, minimal style fashion, minimal fashion blog

You’ve already seen the slicked back hair in one of my previous posts and this hairstyle is kind of its little sister. Only here we have just one slick side. It’s easy to achieve with just a bit of hair mousse or gel. Within few short minutes and hand strokes, you can have not-so-ordinary styled hair for everyday. It’s very versatile and you can incorporate any kind of ornament you want: clips, bows, flowers, ribbon… I love this raw look with just a hair clip you often see in salons. I’ve got a feeling this will be my signature spring look.

Also, sorry for a week worth of silence here! I have a lot on my plate now, but it all so new and exciting. It’s not all fashion-related, but I can’t wait to share with you some of the stuff I’ve been working on. If you aren’t already, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for daily updates.

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Pardon My Fashion 25.03.2013 - 12:54 AM

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This is SO fantastic…I think I’m gonna need to try this.


Jacqueline davis moranti 25.03.2013 - 5:39 AM

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These photos are edited so interestingly! Love it!


Charlie 25.03.2013 - 9:43 AM

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Love the mascara esque paint you’ve added, so cool! Also the raw edge the salon clip gives, perfect for this hairstyle.

Tine 25.03.2013 - 10:02 AM

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I like it a lot!

duckalicious 25.03.2013 - 1:59 PM

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ha, i ja sam se prije nekoliko dana igrala ovom idejom i nešto isprobavala, ali nisam još sigurno dal mi stvarno dobro stoji. super ti je ova klipsna!

hiPop 25.03.2013 - 2:16 PM

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super mi je momenat snala…a od poslednje Prada revije i wet hair <3

MA Dunja 25.03.2013 - 2:40 PM

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editing <3


LaraBeTheOne 25.03.2013 - 2:48 PM

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Obozavam mokru kosu, ali bih volela da si stavila makar jednu slicicu gde ti se vidi lice. Predpostavljam da su prelepe :) pozz xx

Isidora 25.03.2013 - 3:41 PM

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Lepo! :D

Karina De Jesus 25.03.2013 - 4:51 PM

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my gosh!!! I’m absolutely in love with the way you did this!!! way to go, girl!!!!
Can’t wait to hear ore about the stuff you’ve been working on!

melissa 25.03.2013 - 4:52 PM

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Silver and oversized hair accessories, really like that. Can’t wait to hear about what you have been busy with x

Sofie 25.03.2013 - 5:03 PM

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So inspiring!! Great shots, love love love the editing! Makes me want to try it myself!
xx Sofie

Leeloo 25.03.2013 - 7:07 PM

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Meni je čak bolja ova varijanta od one koju si nam ranije pokazala, špangice su totalno kul dodatak, pomalo neočekivan :)

p.s. slike su ti uvijek prava mala umjetnost :))!

AcidWalrus 25.03.2013 - 8:27 PM

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I love this idea of using hair clip! Think I’m going to be copycat and buy one (or more!) for myself too <3

Petra Jelesijevic 25.03.2013 - 9:59 PM

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Oh dopada mi se, klipsna je krajnje efektna :))

Marija 26.03.2013 - 11:01 AM

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Šnala je fantastična! ;)

Aleksandra 26.03.2013 - 12:56 PM

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maya 26.03.2013 - 4:01 PM

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awesome! loveee love your style! thanks for checking out my blog xx

The GUILTY HYENA 26.03.2013 - 6:58 PM

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Tasty over-sized hair clip – dig it! so too the photo effect.


Complacency Kills 26.03.2013 - 7:14 PM

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Such a great and edgy “I just stepped off the runway” look! :)

Complacency Kills

Instant Milk 26.03.2013 - 8:32 PM

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Love your posts! Thank you for taking the time to share this with us!
I really liked your blog and am looking forward to reading your future posts! I hope you come by my blog when you have time, and maybe follow each other!

Stay in touch!

SABINNA and DAVID 26.03.2013 - 11:38 PM

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love these photos a lot, great idea!

xx, Sabinna and David
Broken Cookies

ncy 27.03.2013 - 1:39 AM

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love the photos!love your blog as well, so chic!

thanks for dropping by and say hello via ifb

i am your new follower!

s 27.03.2013 - 4:00 PM

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oh love this hairstyle! xO!

fashion muffins 27.03.2013 - 8:50 PM

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Anuschka 28.03.2013 - 3:33 PM

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Man, your photography is amazing!

Mona Hux 28.03.2013 - 7:16 PM

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This works so well with your style and your hair!

Dominika 28.03.2013 - 7:32 PM

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Yuka 29.03.2013 - 7:44 AM

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such a great hairstyle. i wish my hair was long enough to do this with!

animalorchestra 30.03.2013 - 3:25 AM

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Simplicity at its finest. I adore the way you’ve edited the photos (making everything a mystery).

Printingtextil Natasha 30.03.2013 - 6:53 PM

| Reply

Odlicna fora sa slikama

amalie 30.03.2013 - 10:53 PM

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awesome pictures. and cool hair inspo, i need to work out how i can make my hair more interesting x

MESy 23.04.2013 - 9:17 AM

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love the way you dealt with the photo, interesting graphic


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