DIY ankle boots20/04/2013

diy ankle boots, white ankle boots, minimal style fashion, minimal fashion blog
diy ankle boots
diy ankle boots
diy ankle boots, white ankle boots, minimal style fashion, minimal fashion blog

It’s been a while since I had a project on here so today I bring you a tutorial on DIY ankle boots! You’ve already seen a sneak peek of these in my “Whites” post. The boots came out so well that I just had to make a quick DIY post. It’s really a wonder what a pair of old, rarely worn boots, scissors, paint and a bit of imagination can do. You can easily find all of the ingredients and make yourself a pair of trendy footwear for SS13. Since these were white, I didn’t want to mess around too much so I just went with that shade. You can pick whatever color you wish, maybe even statement neon yellow? The transparent part is optional too. I thought it goes so well with snow white so I used a piece of transparent foil (you can get it in art supply or crafting stores). Let loose and toy around with the idea: maybe use a printed fabric, silver or gold foil, neoprene? The choice is always yours, that’s what I love about these DIYs the most. You get the idea, but are free to do everything according to your liking!

As for the process, I removed the buckles and cut off the top part of the boot. Be sure to unzip them before the cut or you won’t be able to zip the boots afterwards! Secure the cut off ends with a bit of silicone glue or a thick thread so that the zipper won’t slide off. For the heel, I used white acrylic paint to cover up the ugly brown color as much as possible. Then it was all spray paint. Since mine were white and I wanted them to stay white, I needed just one coat. You might need two or three if you choose a different color. Be sure to let them dry between each layer of paint. When done, put them in a well ventilated area for a good dry overnight. Then you’re pretty much done. You can add foils, fabrics, chains, studs… I like my footwear as simple as possible so I just added transparent foil.

Et voila! You have brand new booties for spring without breaking the bank or cluttering your shoe cabinet. Recycling is indeed my favorite sport!


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40 THOUGHTS ON "DIY ankle boots"

Aleksandar Rankovic 20/04/2013 - 11:46 AM


Jao sjajno mi je ovo! :)

Karina Maierhofer 20/04/2013 - 12:15 PM


<3 love it! thank you for the great idea!

RUNNING IN MY HEELS 20/04/2013 - 12:16 PM


awesome DIY!

Tanya Minxy 20/04/2013 - 12:21 PM


Bila sam odusevljena cizmicama jos u proslom postu, ali sam pogotovo sada odusevljena kada vidim koliko si ih promenila. Posebno mi se svidja providni deo. Svaka cast =^.^=

Shopaholic 20/04/2013 - 1:52 PM


omg <3

Valentina Novo 20/04/2013 - 2:37 PM


Love them! Painting the heel white made such a huge difference!

Mona Hux 20/04/2013 - 4:03 PM


So clever! Love the transparency! Ideal!

Anđela Vitorović 20/04/2013 - 5:08 PM


Sjajno, bravo za ideju! :) Reci mi, gde moze da se pronadje ta providna folija? :*

Tess Lecklitner 20/04/2013 - 6:11 PM


Can’t believe this is a DIY! They look so amazing. Always love how clean and fresh your images are.

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Sophie Ferdinandsen 20/04/2013 - 9:25 PM


WOW! super cool.. I think I will have a look through my old shoes and boots :-) Thanks for the inspiration.

Oroma Roxella Rukevwe 20/04/2013 - 9:54 PM


My thoughts? AMAZING.
Anyone looking at the end result won’t even guess they looked like that before!
Wow. Great DIY <3

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Lisette Rivera 20/04/2013 - 11:09 PM


Wow these look fantastic! This is possibly the best shoe recon I have ever seen!!

N P 20/04/2013 - 11:31 PM


Omg! Best DIY project ever!

Amber Watson 21/04/2013 - 1:01 AM


This is so creative, I love it. I’ve been looking for a new DIY project. This might be it, xoxo.

Ally 21/04/2013 - 1:02 AM


This seems way above me haha. But the results are so great. I would buy these!

Ally @

Chelsea 21/04/2013 - 1:42 AM


It’s so interesting to see the change in the aesthetic of these boots post-DIY. I love the little screw-like details!

amanda 21/04/2013 - 5:25 AM


This is an amazing DIY!

Marija - Victima Perfecta 21/04/2013 - 10:12 AM


Fenomenalno su ispale, svaka cast! :D

graphitree 21/04/2013 - 10:17 AM


wow, great work! respect! x

martin ducai 21/04/2013 - 12:43 PM


good work!

Sofie Kerkhofs 21/04/2013 - 1:07 PM


Wow you did such an awesome job!!!! Really love this! <3 <3

B 21/04/2013 - 2:48 PM


Wow, amazing idea! I really want to try this.

B xo

BonlessFreakBeato 21/04/2013 - 4:33 PM


Moram da pitam, gde si tacno kupila taj provitni pvc materijal? Molim te mi reci :D

moiminnie 21/04/2013 - 5:08 PM


@Andjela & BonelessFreak: Pise u tekstu, ima u knjizarama i vrv radnjama sa slikarskim priborom x

Bruna Marx 21/04/2013 - 5:21 PM


Wow! that’s amazing.

The Realist 21/04/2013 - 6:45 PM


Wow! Cool!

Lucie Srbová 21/04/2013 - 7:17 PM


Well, this is absolutely perfect!! what a briliant idea! Following you and Bloglovin! It will be awesome if you check out my blog and maybe follow me back. :)

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anjelais 21/04/2013 - 8:15 PM


Absolutely STUNNING! What a great post! :D

hiPop 21/04/2013 - 9:40 PM


potpuno genijalno, ulepsala si mi dan <33333

+gde si kupila transparentnu foliju? vidim da je art supply store, ali nikako da nadjem tu deblju…?

++volim te, zbog ovakvih ideja, i toga sto ih delis s nama

David 22/04/2013 - 6:19 AM


um.. so you’re brilliant, and brave, and i love this.
brave because i never thought to mess with shoes, shoes seem like the final frontier. brilliant because this looks so much better.. the mesh on the inner looks rad mixed with clear vinyl outer. thx for sharing x

The Fashion Mashup 22/04/2013 - 10:17 PM


Wow amazing what you created out of that boots! Love it :)

The Fashion Mashup

Max 22/04/2013 - 10:31 PM


Cool idea!

Justalazymorning 23/04/2013 - 8:38 AM


this is very cute!
lovely idea and the result is brilliant!

MESy 23/04/2013 - 9:15 AM


fantastc! thousand times better! you should start selling these pimped up boots

Slavica | Pickpocket 23/04/2013 - 10:50 AM


Genijalne su!

Leeloo Cubus 23/04/2013 - 11:23 AM


i love them
you are so good.

livlovelaugh 23/04/2013 - 1:48 PM


Lovely job! I like it a lot!


Rebecca 15/05/2013 - 1:54 PM


so creative! I wish i had a pair of old boots to do this with! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Gabrielle @ LookSharpSconnie 06/06/2013 - 10:44 PM


dang this is brilliant.
these shoes look SO expensive. can’t believe you made them out of a worn pair of old cowboy boots..

And painting the heel white was SUCH an ingenius finishing touch.You’re super talented.


HopeCove 12/06/2013 - 2:53 PM


this is amazing

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