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I’m going to pass on an “Instagram week #417896542325” post here (not that I do those anyway) and present you with some of the coolest Insta artists out there that I’ve been a fan of ever since I made my account. At first, I wasn’t thrilled with what I was seeing on Instagram and how it was presented to its users. However, I changed my mind when I signed up and stumbled upon some Instagrammers that have turned a basic snap’n’post thing into an everyday art. I feel so inspired when I log in and see their shots on my feed – they truly take the everyday and the ordinary to the next level. I couldn’t really choose the “favest” of these nine, though. They all inspire me in such different ways and hopefully they will inspire you too. And more importantly, take you to the other side of Instagram.

If you’re interested, you can check my Instagram snaps here: @moiminnie!


1st row: tind / paulhenriette / _______mmmm
2nd row: complexgeometries_official / y_mysk / fluxfilterform
3rd row: nnnn_______ / mnmlbxy / tmnrkym

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ODYSSEY 29.04.2013 - 7:17 PM

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Wow! Thank you for sharing these. Will have a look.. I appreciate all this soothing grey.

arvm 29.04.2013 - 8:32 PM

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thank you so much for this! such beautiful pictures

GlorijaYorke 29.04.2013 - 9:03 PM

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druga fotka je prekrasna <3

Charlie 30.04.2013 - 9:19 AM

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Ahhh I love all these minimal instagramers! I wish I could be more more minimal/arty on instagram but I can’t help it ;P

Issa Tchieu 30.04.2013 - 1:03 PM

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they are indeed very inspiring and motivating. U must love monochromatic tones alot. Greys, whites, blacks. Thats also why i love you and keep coming back. thanks for the birthday wish.

Leeloo 01.05.2013 - 7:09 PM

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Oduševljena svima, a pogotovo paulhenriette (odsad slijedim na tumblru obavezno :)!

Elmedina Tiric 04.05.2013 - 11:00 AM

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Divne fotografije :)

Julia 29.06.2013 - 2:50 PM

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these look great – much better than the cupcakes or nails you see too often…


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