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Drunk-looking face and overall a slightly disheveled look always go hand in hand with deep berry tones. At least in my book they do, as evidenced by the blindingly overexposed shots above. There is a certain magic in the air this time of year – the shades (and taste, obviously) of mulled wine are undoubtedly […]

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acrylic paint as nail polish17/12/2014

Winter gets me in all sorts of moods on everyday basis. One day I’m all up for warm, berry toned looks and the next I’m going as pale as your average dead person. Today is clearly one of the latter. After a few weeks of rocking the all natural look with not even a clear […]

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denim portraits08/12/2014

Once upon a time I must admit I wasn’t particularly interested in all the goodness denim pieces have to offer. After obtaining enough denim pieces to say I formed a small but carefully chosen collection, I am singing a different tune. From dark skinnies, to mom jeans, to coveted Levi’s 501 – I acquired versatile […]