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wearing white, denim & bare feet02.11.2016

Remember when we were younger and had not a care in the world? When it seemed as though the time stood still and waited for us while we spent hours on end just lounging around and daydreaming? The other day I wore this extremely simple combination of wardrobe essentials – a white button up shirt […]

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a bit about all white outfits18.09.2015

There is something ethereal about shades of white that I cannot quite put my finger on. The appeal of crispness and cleanness will never go out of style in my book, and that’s exactly what all white outfits give me every time I chose to wrap my body in one. Every once in a while […]

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white, black, navy03.10.2014

If I was a flag, I would be made up of these three colors, obviously. I am well aware of the fact that we’re already one foot into the fall season, but as Lana put it – I’ve still got that sadness for summertime. Even though my french adventures have come to an end in […]