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monochrome makeup look23/08/2016

The hotter the weather, the less “paint” on my face. Luckily, it takes minimal use of makeup to still attain a presentable, chic look. Spring & summertime bring colorful sunsets and fresh breeze, which undoubtedly paint a pretty inspirational canvas in my mind. Warm, but soft tones are what I’ve been playing with the past […]

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unexpected manicure13/04/2016

The other day I tried to save the last drops of my now thickened black nail polish. Not having a nail polish thinner makes a girl resort to cheapie methods such as using alcohol or acetone. Big mistake. Big. Huge. I got what I paid for – a thinned out nail polish that peels off […]

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styling medium length hair06/04/2016

Once upon a time I used to care about my hair. Not in the way of keeping it clean or neat, but in terms of playing around with it, taking actual time to do the do’s. Somewhere between starting uni (read: having to rise at five o’clock in the AM every day) and simplifying different […]