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discovering culottes18/09/2017

This is the moment where the age old “Is it a bird, is it a plane” question could rightfully be posed. Are culottes pants? Are they a skirt? Are they a portable tent that you can use to hide from people in certain situations? I think I’d go with d) – all of the above. […]

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wearing white, denim & bare feet02/11/2016

Remember when we were younger and had not a care in the world? When it seemed as though the time stood still and waited for us while we spent hours on end just lounging around and daydreaming? The other day I wore this extremely simple combination of wardrobe essentials – a white button up shirt […]

moiminnie, milica obradovic, wardrobe essentials, button-up shirt

wardrobe essentials: button up shirt10/10/2016

I’ve yet to come across another equally effective way of dressing up in a totally relaxed manner. For me, it’s always been button up shirt way or no way. There is a reason why these pieces of our wardrobes are considered elegant and above all – appropriate for the most important occasions. Weddings? Check. Work? […]