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wardrobe essentials for spring27.04.2016

This article is an affiliate post. Ah, spring. A season all about renewal  (“out with the old, in with the new” and all that jazz) but it always seems to put everyone in somewhat of a fashion limbo. Maybe it’s the fickle weather which has you constantly wondering whether you should throw on a jacket […]

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how to hunt down vintage levis11.03.2016

Before I bought my first pair of so-called mom jeans, I had searched high and low for such a pair. Ideally, the goal was a pair of medium dark blue vintage Levis, yet the universe apparently didn’t seem willing to cooperate at the time. I do still love the ones I purchased then, but the […]

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wardrobe essentials: rollneck03.03.2016

With March already making itself home, we know spring is just about to give us a loud knock on the door. I still find myself reaching for items with ‘winter’ written all over them. In between loving my coat‘s warm embrace and partying it up with the coziest of chunky knits, I still crave hanging […]