flower market, den haag

i wish23.09.2012

The idea for this post came to me as I was just laying around the other day, taking a break from daily chaotic life. I kind of neglected my inspirational tumblr so I thought I’d log in to see what’s new. As I started scrolling down my dash, I noticed how my thoughts were mostly […]

den haag architecture

architecture on film23.08.2012

Can’t really tell why these turned out a bit worse that those older photos I shot with my analogue camera. It may be the expired film or my skills have got worse over the few months I didn’t practice film photography. Still, I’m glad I captured 36 moments of my trip to Den Haag, Amsterdam […]

film photography, smena 8m photography

seeing double30.06.2012

Remember my previous two analogue photography posts – Life on film and Life on film pt 2? I had so much fun with multiple exposure on film therefore I felt like these snaps deserved a whole new post for them only! Haven’t shot with my film camera for a while now, but I think I’ll […]