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sand tones and gold accessories29/06/2016

“Salt in the air, sand in my hair.” Unexpectedly, this quote just popped up in my head the other day. Probably due to my exponentially increasing desire to just lay on the beach all day long, now that the days are longer and sun shines a just tad brighter. As an adult in an attempt […]

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tortoise shell sunglasses19/06/2016

A recent addition to my accessories stash. For four years now I’ve been on a mission to revamp and minimize my wardrobe. Having less to choose from when getting dressed and saving time while doing it means that a lot of what you own HAS to match. Efficiency is achieved through picking out neutral colors […]

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DIY minimal pearl necklaces01/06/2016

I’ve been wearing my dainty pearl earrings almost every day for the past few months. I quite enjoy the highly elegant look they add to any ensemble without risking the granny vibes. The other day whilst digging through my jewelry box, I realized that those earrings are actually the only pearl item I currently have. […]