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DIY make-up palette14.11.2014

The reason for me being away for a week is nothing more than a simple desire to just relax. October was a busy month for me and the past week was all about packing for my trip and running last errands before departure. Some time off was much needed. Now that I feel recharged, I’m […]

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black & nude27.10.2014

These days I’m really into the all natural look. I still have a bit of tan left from the days spent in France, so I’m using that as an opportunity to go bare-faced (or with as little foundation as possible). Liner/eyeshadow is optional but a few swipes of blush, bit of nude lipstick and two […]

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clumpy mascara24.07.2014

Summer in, make-up out. Not intentionally though; I adore make-up as much as the next girl but it’s just very bothersome to apply layers and layers of products just to have it melt as soon as you leave the house. Yet, if you’re one of those people who just cannot be seen bare-faced in public, […]