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nano rouge04.07.2014

Just as I finished my quest for the perfect red lipstick, the need for an equally perfect coral tinted one emerged. I searched all over, stumbled upon YSL Rouge Volupte but sadly that little gem will have to wait due to its pricy-ness. I was finally able to fulfil my ubiqutuous desire for a coral […]

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my eyebrow routine06.06.2014

In between posting my outfit shots and snaps of various everyday details on Instagram, I am also a fan of occasional selfie. More often than not, when I post those I get a lot of compliments for my, quoting: “strong eyebrow game”. I decided to describe my eyebrow routine, since a lot of girls have […]

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electric red15.10.2013

After this little episode featuring ‘all bleached + pop of cherry red’ look, it was just a matter of time when the sequel will happen. I think I can finally call it a day when it comes to my (what seemed to be) never-ending hunt for the perfect red lipstick. I have to say I […]