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3 books that will change your life30/03/2016

While I was advising you how you can clean out your closet fast with one simple trick, I couldn’t get the idea of writing about books that changed my life. What sparked that idea is this urge to share everything that I learned through my journey of getting to know my real self, downsizing my […]

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minimize your wardrobe asking just one question08/09/2015

Let me tell you how proud I am of myself for managing to minimize my wardrobe. Very proud. There. This may sound a bit ludicrous to you, but if you’ve been following my fashion journey from the start, you would know just how much my style, thoughts and attitude towards fashion and shopping have changed. […]

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inside out16/06/2014

Raise your hand if you know exactly where and by whom the clothes you’re wearing are made. Anyone? No hands? It’s understandable and, sadly, expected nowadays. If you think about it, how many of us do know that information about garments we buy and wear? In this modern age of fast living, fast food and […]