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labels or love?13/12/2013

Being sick for two weeks can sometimes have its perks! Jk, not really, but I did have a lot of time on my hands for laying in bed, reading magazines, books and browsing through various blogs and thinking about it all. Lately (meaning – ever since I started blogging) I noticed a certain trend, if […]

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how to find your style13/09/2013

With fall rapidly approaching, sale signs getting bigger and bigger in shop windows and FW13 collections being snatched at the speed of light from the stores as I’m writing this, I feel like this is the perfect moment for an article on how to find your style. In interviews, I’ve been asked this one simple […]

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how to be yourself11/06/2013

Check me out, just casually being myself in the photos above. You know that corny ass cliche everyone uses every time when they feel deep and try to give advice to a lost soul? I bet you do. Every pep talk in the history of pep talks pretty much ends with “Just be yourself!” Whatever […]