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cut off17/12/2012

Just another laid back outfit I shot for my feature in Push It magazine. What I especially love here is my DIY Givenchy AW 2012 look-a-like skirt! It has been sitting in my closet for weeks before I re-made it. It was long and not so appropriate for my body, it just didn’t fit the […]

milica obradovic, moiminnie, minimal style fashion, 90s fashion, floral jacket


What you’re seeing above is part two of “featured in Push It magazine” outfit series. Just kidding, I originally didn’t intend to post more than one, but judging from the positive reactions on the previous one, I just might post all of ’em, fuck it! So here we have yet another homage to an awesome […]

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This is exactly what I can be found wearing on weekends (also on lazy days or working-at-home days during the week). It’s not a secret that everyone loves being cozy and comfortable at home, reading, watching favorite TV shows and sipping coffee. As far as I’m concerned, the go-to outfit for that is composed of […]