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Being sick for two weeks can sometimes have its perks! Jk, not really, but I did have a lot of time on my hands for laying in bed, reading magazines, books and browsing through various blogs and thinking about it all. Lately (meaning – ever since I started blogging) I noticed a certain trend, if I can call it that, among bloggers, editors and other (questionably) fashionable personas, both online and offline. Everyone seem so eager to keep up with the Joneses (or more likely, the Kardashians) nowadays. Remember that Kenzo sweater? What about Isabel Marant sneakers? And most recently, the Celine tartan EVERYTHING? Maybe I’m the exception here, but all those items are very…plain. “Chacun à son goût” and I wholeheartedly agree, but is it possible that the French weren’t right about that one, after all? From what I see, we all seem to have pretty much the same taste, globally. Thousands and thousands of girls everyday are still going crazy over previously mentioned (now already demode) items and more – JC Litas, Louis Vuitton Speedy bag, studded Valentino pumps, Isabel Marant Dicker boots, white Zara skort etc (see Shit Bloggers Wear for more examples).

While I am not judging anyone’s taste here, the question remains – why? Looking at it objectively and from a designer’s viewpoint, none of those items have any special features or are made out of some very rare or high quality material that could make it so much more appealing (to me, at least). A good bag is a good bag, LV monogram on it or not. To be perfectly honest, there are many other (less known) brands whose products are made out of high quality materials, hand crafted and/or unique in design – and available for the same or maybe even smaller amount of money. Why pay for a shitty <insert famous brand here> 100% polyester blouse when you can get a high quality <insert unknown brand here> 100% silk blouse instead? I’m surprised that even with the full menu in front of us, we are still choosing to have what everyone else is having.

I wonder – do we purchase the item because we truly love it or are we just going for the latest “it” thing? Or more importantly, if there wasn’t a label on that particular item and if no one was ever seen wearing it – would anyone buy it?

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duckalicious 13/12/2013 - 1:51 PM


thanks a lot for bringing those almost forgotten images of the freaking skort, wedge sneakers, and tiger sweater right back to my head xD not only these items are “nothing special”, they’re downright ugly (and I don’t mean ugly in an interesting, fascinating, “so ugly it’s pretty” way) and honestly, I pity the suckers who fall for this shit. could there be a false sense of security in wearing something everyone else (in the blogosphere, at least) is wearing, or what’s the deal with that? btw, you forgot to mention the infamous pink panther coat. even some bloggers who seem quite interesting otherwise and whose style I normally respect have been wearing it lately. why, oh why?

Tanya Minxy 13/12/2013 - 3:01 PM


Najvise volim ovakve tvoje tekstove! Odlican, slazem se sa svim. Pre godinu dana sam obozavala da gledam blogove ali s vremenom svi su postali isti, iste stvari vidjam svuda tako da je ostao mali broj blogova koje i dalje pratim. Uvek je zadovoljstvo citati tvoj =^.^=

Immortality Passion 13/12/2013 - 7:11 PM


Agree! Ne znam meni su sve te stvari jako ruzne sto si nabrojala, pa i da ih za dzaba dobijem ne bih stavila na sebe, pa da je LV ili Celine sto puta. A meni ako nesto svidi kupicu na buvljaku, shs ili dizajnersku. Ne nesto jer ima samo tu etiketu.

Louise Stenberg 13/12/2013 - 7:37 PM


Seriously, this is a nice post. You are so right, but I’m guilty myself. But why is that label so attractive to us? Weird. But thank you, you made me think about it.

Peet 13/12/2013 - 8:11 PM


You kind of hit a soft spot when you said Isabel Marant sneakers…:) I loved those the moment I saw them, they look so chunky and badass and I’m in love with high top sneaks anyway so those were a slice of heaven for me – literally. Of course I got knock-offs from eBay and wore them all day (and night) every day. And then… Everyone else caught on and I wanted to die.:D I love how that Kenzo sweater looks but I’m not getting it just for that reason – you look like everyone else. And you look like you want to look like everyone else (which is even worse). It’s the same with that Zara skort – it looks cool, but I’m not getting it. I was all over those ‘a fashionista’s/fashion blogger’s must’ posts, which I fucking HATE. Shoot me. Really. Please, do. So what are the people who genuinely like something and aren’t just following the rest of the herd to do when something they like everyone else has – not get it?? This fucking herding instinct is killing me!!!:D

13 fridays 13/12/2013 - 9:08 PM


wow, what an insightful post, and i totally agree with what you’re saying! some fashion bloggers claim they promote individuality, yet they all dress the same. especially that zara skort that everyone seems to have on nowadays.

Rachel Pheasant 13/12/2013 - 9:35 PM


I have a general rule that I won’t buy anything becuase it is “the” thing but rather only if I really enjoy the piece. This can overlap, and sometimes does and I don’t think I am immune (although wouldn’t it be amazing if I could be) to outside influences mutating my taste here and there. That said, all of this seems to go out of the window at sample sales where I can often be tempted by the degree of a price reduction into purchasing an item–which is horrible!


Anonymous 14/12/2013 - 4:20 PM


Iskreno, nisam neki ogroman ljubitelj tvog minimalistickog stila, ali sam mnogo razmisljala o ovoj temi. Apsolutno se slazem sa tobom. Zasto bi svi ludeli za istim zarinim, IM, ili Kenzo stvarima, kad bi za istu, ili manju, kolicinu para sebi da skroje mnogo upecatljiviji, a i mozda licniji stil?

Jessica Deanna 14/12/2013 - 6:07 PM


I love this. I strive to be this. The person who asks “why” in events where everyone just seems to go with the flow.

I believe it all comes down to costs and convenience, as far as fast fashion trends go. People want to buy what’s convenient and ultimately what everyone else has. It’s been instilled in us that we are to group ourselves, and fit in with society. It’s a marketing tool and most consciously and subconsciously fall for it.
As to why people buy crappy and trendy “high fashion” designs when they have the money to buy high quality and timeless items must be another attempt to fit in. It’s baffling to me, and apparently to you as well. So I’m glad I’m not the only misfit who thinks like this
haha :)

moiminnie 15/12/2013 - 12:54 AM


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject, girls! :)
Peet, don’t feel bad :) I wasn’t judging, everyone is free to like whatever they like. I am just curious as to why people begin to like something in the first place when they see it somewhere or on someone. Is it because it was styled so well in the shop window? Is it the design of the item itself or the personality of the wearer and how he/she carries her/himself in that particular item? And of course, as I previously wrote – if some unknown brand came out with wedge sneakers, would they be as popular as they are with the Marant label on them?

Jessica, I am with you on that – having what everyone else has somehow buys us a certain position in the society, and as you said – that need to fit in has been instilled in us the moment we were born. To be honest, the problem goes beyond fashion. I could’ve gone on and on but I know that lengthy posts rarely get read, so didn’t wanna bore my readers :) I just gave some food for thought and I’m glad you guys put your two cents in! xx

Michelle L 15/12/2013 - 5:14 AM


I think for me I choose things i love but sometimes it just happens certain brands/designer labels. This is such a great post though :) It made me think about my buying choices


casper+pearl 17/12/2013 - 6:18 AM



Lots of love from the casper&pearl girls,
casper&pearl blog xo

Lucinda 17/12/2013 - 8:58 AM


Such a good topic. It’s all about what ‘fashion’ means to you, trends versus design. I’m currently considering a pair of black Birkenstocks but my finger just won’t add to cart. I know I need sandals that will be kind to my feet and I know they’re of solid dependable quality but I dislike the idea I may just be jumping on the trend. Would I still wear them once their moment in the sun is over? That’s the real question. To be continued…

Leeloo 17/12/2013 - 8:07 PM


Volim ovakve tvoje elaborate s kojima se najčešće (zapravo uvijek dosad :) slažem, primijetila sam da me danas u doba interneta i globalne dostupnosti svega zaglušuje taj izbor i puno mi je draže naći neki zanimljiv komad u second hand shopu za siću nego uzeti neki komad koji dugo snimam u high street shopu… Kad kupim nešto pa to masovno preplavi ulice, izgubi mi svaku čar tako da zadnjih godina nastojim se koliko god je moguće kloniti takve vrste kupovanja i nije uopće loš taj način funkcioniranja :)!

Emina Saletovic 17/12/2013 - 10:42 PM


Djevojke su već sve rekle, mogu samo da se složim. Ovakvi postovi su jedan od razloga zašto redovno pratim tvoj blog.

Marija.R.P. 26/12/2013 - 3:42 AM


I’m totally agreed! And fashion blogs should be more original places,
where people can find some inspiration…
But, marketing (in this case global marketing) is very, very
powerful thing, and that could be the answer why would someone buy
some polyester blouse, instead of buying more quality and comfortable silky blouse. :)

Laura 06/09/2014 - 6:56 PM


Blog s dusom. I misljenjem! A na linku sam ti vjecno zahvalna, prava smijalica :)

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