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christina fischer bags01/12/2014

Take a look at the bag I’m wearing. Gorgeous, right? Beautiful, pitch black smooth leather with silver hardware details. Handcrafted with an impeccable attention to detail. Minimal. On trend. Very versatile. And guess what? Made entirely out of recycled leather. Cue jaw drops. The post you are reading today has been in the works for […]

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wearing menswear26/11/2014

While we’re on the topic on all things cozy, I feel like it’s the perfect time to discuss all things oversized yet again. Being a small girl, it’s safe to say that almost anything larger than size XS will probably have an oversized fit on me. Being a small girl that enjoys neutral colors and […]

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cozy essentials22/11/2014

I haven’t posted one of those ‘new in’ posts in a good while, aside for some make-up goodies you saw a while ago. Since I scored some truly show-worthy items these past couple of weeks, I felt inclined to talk about them on ze blog. Don’t know about you guys, but November is kicking my […]