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navy smokey eye21/03/2016

I substituted my green eyeshadow lovin’ with an equally fun alternative. In between having some rarely used shades in my make-up palette and stalking runway beauty looks, I fell for the navy smokey eye. There’s a fine line between the glam grunge vibes of the deep blue shade and the so called “just-got-punched” look but […]

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4 tips for perfect winged eyeliner29/10/2015

Everyone agrees there are far and few things in the make-up world that are considered classics. One of those things has to be winged eyeliner look. On the flip side – the greatest struggle of womankind is precisely keeping those eyeliner wings sharp looking and even. I’ve got just a few easy tips to keep […]

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top fall lipstick colors06/10/2015

Bright coral lipsticks and creamy nudes aren’t exactly considered your fall lipstick colors, but I have to disagree with that notion. Risking sounding like an emo teenager – I rarely label things. Just like I don’t have “winter” and “summer” handbags (hi mom), I don’t have winter and summer lipstick colors either. I’ll wear deep […]