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minimize your wardrobe asking just one question08/09/2015

Let me tell you how proud I am of myself for managing to minimize my wardrobe. Very proud. There. This may sound a bit ludicrous to you, but if you’ve been following my fashion journey from the start, you would know just how much my style, thoughts and attitude towards fashion and shopping have changed. […]

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memories from france05/01/2015

I had more than a few spare moments this past week to relax and visit a few blogs. There are a lot of recaps of the past year around the web, which inspired me to do one (or more, as you will see) as well. I rarely repost things you’ve had the chance to read/ […]

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french diaries: perpignan & le barcares09/10/2014

Part two of the French Diaries. Oh how I miss the warm sunny days of the South of France, the words cannot describe! Gonna keep this short and just share a list of highlights of this amazing summer that has passed way too quickly for my liking: – New experiences and being able to share […]