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side swept25/03/2013

You’ve already seen the slicked back hair in one of my previous posts and this hairstyle is kind of its little sister. Only here we have just one slick side. It’s easy to achieve with just a bit of hair mousse or gel. Within few short minutes and hand strokes, you can have not-so-ordinary styled […]

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how to bleach hair04/02/2013

I wanted to write a post on how to bleach hair for so long but have never had time to do it properly. I get a lot of e-mails, comments and messages from girls asking how do I dye my hair, what products do I use etc… I decided that it would be best if […]

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bleached hair16/10/2012

After a month or two of having pink hair I got tired of it and opted for a new look instead. A bleached hair one to be exact. I tend to get easily bored with the color of my hair and as you probably noticed, I also tend to change it very often. Bleach white […]