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top fall lipstick colors06/10/2015

Bright coral lipsticks and creamy nudes aren’t exactly considered your fall lipstick colors, but I have to disagree with that notion. Risking sounding like an emo teenager – I rarely label things. Just like I don’t have “winter” and “summer” handbags (hi mom), I don’t have winter and summer lipstick colors either. I’ll wear deep […]

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real love for fake freckles15/09/2015

I wasn’t naturally blessed (or cursed, as some natural freckles owners often feel) with those beautiful miniature skin marks. Sure, I do get them on and around my nose during the summer but that show is usually over by the time September rolls around. Luckily, there is this thing called make-up, which manages to do […]

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2-step fresh skin routine24/08/2015

Don’t you love that feeling when you wake up, quickly wash your face with warm water, slap on some moisturizer and run out the door? Yeah, me neither. If we’re going to be completely honest here – most of us aren’t blessed with that supermodel complexion and usually we need a little pick-me-up from the […]