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abstracters anonymous04/03/2013

I never wanted to be a journalist and I always had trouble writing school papers, essays, etc. Yet, here I am, writing a blog for over two years now. Visual is my thing – I choose to express my feelings, thoughts and ideas through photography & visual art, not words. Yet somehow I always seem […]

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It was about time I wrote a new post! This past week I’ve been doing a lot of learning, reading, thinking about so many things and have been mainly focused on my inner self (there you have a little explanation of my disappearance). During my time off the internet, I though a lot about the […]

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FAB – Fashion against bullying03/08/2012

Ever heard of Fashion against bullying (F.A.B)? No? Read on! I was wondering whether I should post an outfit or photo diary/inspirational post when I got this mail in my inbox. And after reading it, I decided that this topic is more valuable than any inspirational/beauty/outfit post out there. Some of you may already know […]