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memories from france05/01/2015

I had more than a few spare moments this past week to relax and visit a few blogs. There are a lot of recaps of the past year around the web, which inspired me to do one (or more, as you will see) as well. I rarely repost things you’ve had the chance to read/ […]

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On our way to the center of Perpignan, I had to stop in front of this huge glass building (probably a business center of sorts). An improvised botanical garden was all around it, filled with palm trees, aloe plants and all kinds of cacti. Of course I had to whip out my camera and take […]

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french diaries: perpignan & le barcares09/10/2014

Part two of the French Diaries. Oh how I miss the warm sunny days of the South of France, the words cannot describe! Gonna keep this short and just share a list of highlights of this amazing summer that has passed way too quickly for my liking: – New experiences and being able to share […]